Today search internet giant Google released its own broswer on the internets dubbed Google Chrome. In an already crowded field occupied by Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and many other variants why would Google do such a thing?  I don’t know, I suppose the insatiable need to try and dominate another market related to its core businesses. I suspect its another strategic move to the cloud computing thing, as many of Googles software applications exist in online form mostly.  But, in keeping with its “Do no evil” mantra, they did release this as an open source project and it is based on the webkit engine, the same one as Apple’s Safari. 
You can download Chrome and test drive it yourself, although it is only available at this time for Windows users. Don’t worry, the Linux and Apple versions are promised to be not far behind.  In fact I’m wirting this post through Chrome, and I have to say that my first impressions are very positive.  It is lightning fast in redering pages, imports bookmarks from Firefox and has a clean simple interface. If a thriving plugin community starts making add ons for this, Firefox will have a run for its money.  You can read all about Chrome’s features on this page, and there is certainly some cool innovative stuff that will make this browser stand out from the crowd.  
Hey you other browsers, looks like Google is now gunning for your place at the table. We’ll see where this leads, this is going to be interesting time on the web. Its the dawn of a new browser war!

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