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Warning..Java 1.7 0 Day Exploit On The Loose

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Posted by okorioth on 30 Aug 12 - 0 Comments

Its that time yet again, lock your doors and close your windows as there is a known potential attack vector currently being exploited through yet another security hole in the Java 1.7 runtime environment. There is no patch or work around at this time so CERT is recommending that the Java engine be turned off […]

Ubuntu Hardy Heron in the wild

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Posted by okorioth on 24 Apr 08 - 0 Comments

For those of you technically curious to try Linux but don’t want to dip in the pool beyond your toes there’s a new distro in town.  Freshly released as of this morning Ubuntu Hardy Heron, also known as version 8.04 is now ready for download. Its perfect for first time users. Once you download the […]