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Apple is forcing Safari?

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Posted by okorioth on 22 Mar 08 - 0 Comments

Nice one there Apple. Apparently the Mac side of the house has decided that we Windows users don’t have enough browser choices. So they are using their ITunes update software to push down the Safari Web browser. I just got the notice myself. No thanks! I’m a Firefox guy. I don’t appreciate this either guys, […]

Windows Vista SP1 now public

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Posted by okorioth on 18 Mar 08 - 0 Comments

Paul Thurrott just posted on his blog that the much awaited Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is now available for public download. For those of you who are adventurous you can get it from the MS Download center (32bit or 64bit). These are fairly large downloads it looks like so low bandwidth folks should expect […]

Microsoft Security Updates for March

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Posted by okorioth on 11 Mar 08 - 0 Comments

Its getting to be that time of the month again, and as usual there are a whole bunch of updates coming out for March. As posted on CERT, MS will have patches for a whole range of products including ones for Office which will patch some serious holes, ones that will plug a remote code […]

We’ve moved!

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Posted by okorioth on 11 Mar 08 - 0 Comments

I decided that the fine folks at WordPress.com can do a better job of managing a blog instead of the home brew solution I was using. Hopefully I will be able to post items of note technology wise here occasionally.