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Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment

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Posted by okorioth on 29 Jul 08 - 0 Comments

Microsoft has finally come around to the idea that it needs to do something about the poor perceptions in the marketplace about the crappiness of Vista. Sure, the original release was plagued with stability issues and other annoyances which were mostly fixed with the release of Service Pack 1. But that didn’t seem to change […]

Unprecedented response to major DNS flaw

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Posted by okorioth on 09 Jul 08 - 0 Comments

Wow, this is simply unheard of.  Yesterday it was publicly revealed that a major design flaw in the DNS protocol was simultaneously patched by vendors across the entire spectrum of the computer and technology world. The fact that they were able to keep this a secret for six months while they worked to plug the […]

So long Windows XP, thanks for all the fish

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Posted by okorioth on 03 Jul 08 - 1 Comment

OK, so the overwhelming reaction to Microsoft’s latest operating system has been, well lets say less than stellar. As of June 30th, Windows XP is no longer a viable purchase option for consumers (although there are other ways to get it). The vast majority of computers bought online from Dell or on retail shelves all […]