Warning..Java 1.7 0 Day Exploit On The Loose

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Posted by okorioth on 30 Aug 12 - 0 Comments

Its that time yet again, lock your doors and close your windows as there is a known potential attack vector currently being exploited through yet another security hole in the Java 1.7 runtime environment. There is no patch or work around at this time so CERT is recommending that the Java engine be turned off […]

No More Internet Exploder 6

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I have decided enough is enough and am joining the Internet campaign to eradicate the existence of Internet Explorer 6. Its old, full of security holes and frankly just does not play nice with Internet standards. If you are browsing this site with this version you will have no doubt noticed the huge warning banner […]

Move over..theres a new browser in town

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Today search internet giant Google released its own broswer on the internets dubbed Google Chrome. In an already crowded field occupied by Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and many other variants why would Google do such a thing?  I don’t know, I suppose the insatiable need to try and dominate another market related to its […]

Firefox 2 users prepare to be upgraded

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According to the official Mozilla blog, users currently at Firefox version will get an upgrade notification to version 3, which came out last spring.  I know most people who don’t follow tech news probably had no idea this was even out (like my parents), nor would they know how to upgrade. The Firefox folks […]

Firefox 3 is out..uhh maybe

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Huzzah Huzzah! The lastest and greatest browser from Mozilla has been released in its final form today. Firefox 3 is now available for download..err maybe. Seems that everyone is very excited and have brought down all the servers for now. Somehow I got mine today. I’ve been using Rc3 for a few weeks now and […]