Warning..Java 1.7 0 Day Exploit On The Loose

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Its that time yet again, lock your doors and close your windows as there is a known potential attack vector currently being exploited through yet another security hole in the Java 1.7 runtime environment. There is no patch or work around at this time so CERT is recommending that the Java engine be turned off […]

Important Patch For Internet Explorer, Update Immediately!

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If you have not heard the news this month, theres a little spat going on between Google and China over hacking and such. Turns out one of the techniques used to hack Google and other companies was through a security exploit in all versions of Internet Explorer, known as the Aurora exploit. Microsoft has since […]

Microsoft Releases Massive Batch of Security Updates For October

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Its the second Tuesday of the month, and that of course means in the Microsoft camp its patch Tuesday. And what a whopper this one is, in fact its the largest amount of patches ever released at one time.  The range of patches pretty much covers almost every major product line, from Windows, Server, SQL, […]

No More Internet Exploder 6

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I have decided enough is enough and am joining the Internet campaign to eradicate the existence of Internet Explorer 6. Its old, full of security holes and frankly just does not play nice with Internet standards. If you are browsing this site with this version you will have no doubt noticed the huge warning banner […]

Move over..theres a new browser in town

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Today search internet giant Google released its own broswer on the internets dubbed Google Chrome. In an already crowded field occupied by Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and many other variants why would Google do such a thing?  I don’t know, I suppose the insatiable need to try and dominate another market related to its […]