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Firefox 3 is out..uhh maybe

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Posted by okorioth on 17 Jun 08 0 Comments

Huzzah Huzzah! The lastest and greatest browser from Mozilla has been released in its final form today. Firefox 3 is now available for download..err maybe. Seems that everyone is very excited and have brought down all the servers for now. Somehow I got mine today. I’ve been using Rc3 for a few weeks now and once all my plugins catch up I’ll be rocking. This new Firefox is loads better than 2.0. I suggest you get it once the hoopla dies down.
Update: Well now its been a few days since release, and Firefox has been downloaded over 8 million times on its first day. Wow. Awesome. Its probably safe to get back in the water now. After using this final version for a few days, I’m really liking it. Especially since almost all of my plugins are now compatible. I’m still waiting for All In One Sidebar though.

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