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Windows XP Service Pack 3

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Posted by okorioth on 29 Apr 08 0 Comments

For those of you who have not jumped over to Vista (and yes there are many out there), Microsoft has released the final Service Pack today for download. There is no obvious new functionality with this release, for the end user anyway. It is a collection of all the past bug fixes and some stuff has changed under the hood a little bit, but nothing major. It is not a life altering experience that will render your machine into a paper weight (at least so far thats been the experience). Its relatively uneventful installing it, I just did my computer during lunch. So, if you want it now head over to the MS download center and snag a copy (its 316mb in size), or just wait until June when it gets rolled out via Windows Update. You do have Windows Update enabled don’t you?
Updated info: Seems the boys in Redmond found a problem with some obscure retail configuration with Windows XP so they have pulled the file for now. That probably will not have any ill effects for consumer versions though so if you have it installed (like me) no worries.

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