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Ubuntu Hardy Heron in the wild

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Posted by okorioth on 24 Apr 08 0 Comments

For those of you technically curious to try Linux but don’t want to dip in the pool beyond your toes there’s a new distro in town.  Freshly released as of this morning Ubuntu Hardy Heron, also known as version 8.04 is now ready for download. Its perfect for first time users. Once you download the iso file and burn the cd, you can either give it a test run by booting off the live cd.  Or, what makes this a fantastic release is that you can install from inside the windows environment without touching the actual Windows system using a program called wubi. Its a win win situation.  Oh and don’t scratch your head on the funny names here, this company is based in South Africa hence the names.
I’ve been playing with it since this morning and think that so far its great, and I believe this is a strong contender for replacing a Vista install if you don’t want to deal with that fiasco.   Try and use the bittorrent filesharing system right now as the regular methods of downloading are under heavy strain.

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