Warning..Java 1.7 0 Day Exploit On The Loose

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Posted by okorioth on 30 Aug 12 - 0 Comments

Its that time yet again, lock your doors and close your windows as there is a known potential attack vector currently being exploited through yet another security hole in the Java 1.7 runtime environment. There is no patch or work around at this time so CERT is recommending that the Java engine be turned off […]

DNS Changer Virus Hyped By The Media

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This week the media has been making a lot of noise about the DNS Changer trojan that has been in the wild for quite some time. Well I’m here to downplay this latest ‘threat’. Certainly, computer security should be a high priority but they are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. At […]

Apple Flashback Trojan in the wild

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Time to get your head out of the sand. The old mantra that Macs don’t get infected isn’t true anymore (not that it ever was to begin with), theres a new Trojan on the loose taking advantage of unsuspecting Mac machines everywhere called the Flashback Trojan. According to The Verge, Apple has already released a […]

Countdown to Conficker

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Posted by okorioth on 27 Mar 09 - 1 Comment

Hopefully, many of you know already about the Conficker worm which has been in the news as of late. There are many millions of infected machines out there today, and the clock is ticking on an April 1st deadline. What happens on April 1st 2009 is anybodys guess, but it more than likely won’t be […]