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Countdown to Conficker

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Posted by okorioth on 27 Mar 09 1 Comment

Hopefully, many of you know already about the Conficker worm which has been in the news as of late. There are many millions of infected machines out there today, and the clock is ticking on an April 1st deadline. What happens on April 1st 2009 is anybodys guess, but it more than likely won’t be a visible change, some even say that nothing will happen.  I’ll do my part to sound the alarm as well, even if its just going to fizzle out next week.
This is an interesting little worm we’ve got on our hands, it has the ability to attack on multiple fronts and mutate from different vectors.   Go out and make sure your machines are up to date with the latest patches people, this one is based on a vulnerability discovered in September 20008 affecting all Windows products from 2000 on up.  Security blogger Byron Acohido has a great write up on how to see if your machine is infected and what to do about it.  So if you can’t seem to get to websites such as Microsoft.com, Symantec.com, or McAfee.com you most likely could have the infection. Not to worry, there are plenty of free tools out there that remove the worm.
More information about this worm can be found here, here and here.

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how in the world might such a worm get in my system in the first place, i wonder?

April 1st, 2009 at 5:38 am

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