This week the media has been making a lot of noise about the DNS Changer trojan that has been in the wild for quite some time. Well I’m here to downplay this latest ‘threat’. Certainly, computer security should be a high priority but they are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. At its height there were 500,000 computers infected. That sounds like a lot, but compared to the millions upon millions of systems out there it isn’t. Why are they suddenly declaring doomsday now? I’ll lay the blame squarely on law enforcement here.
The way this trojan works is by altering your network settings so that all internet traffic was going through their servers. So you know they could all kinds of bad stuff like steal passwords, etc. This criminal botnet got shutdown last fall, but instead of just pulling the plug like they should have law enforcement decided to take over the function of serving the DNS queries for those that are still infected. Why I don’t know. They should have pulled the plug right away so at least those who don’t know will find out sooner that there is a problem that their system has been compromised.
So, remember always use an updated antivirus, make frequent backups of your systems and you should be ok. If you think you may be infected (chances are you are not) you can always go to this web site to make sure. And by the way, the internet isn’t going anywhere, just the ability for you to browse it is if you have this bug.

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