Microsoft has finally come around to the idea that it needs to do something about the poor perceptions in the marketplace about the crappiness of Vista. Sure, the original release was plagued with stability issues and other annoyances which were mostly fixed with the release of Service Pack 1. But that didn’t seem to change peoples minds about it. As a result Apple has taken advantage of this with the Mac Vs. PC ad campaign which has been making a mockery of Microsoft for quite some time now.
Redmond’s first volley back is the “Mojave Experiment“.  Basically they played the Folgers Crystals card and took a bunch of people in a room, with low perceptions of Vista, were told to rate a new operating system code named ‘Mojave’. The after a wiz bang demonstration impressing the hell out of them, and having them answer a bunch of leading questions they are told that it was Vista the entire time! Shock and amazement! Wow! I had no idea! The hidden cameras of course have recorded everything and now its been neatly packaged into a nice infomercial.
Whose idea was this? Mircosoft you think showing a bunch of people (and not actually using it by the way) a demonstration of the OS will change people’s minds? People don’t use the OS they use the applications that run on top of it! A plain jane fresh install is not a real life experience with this thing. How about letting them take it home, using it with actual applications for a month then come back and rate the experience. I would bet the results would be different then.
I am all for Windows Vista, I think it has some great new features but the negatives still out weigh the positives. Heck, I just had to remove it from my father in laws computer and put XP back on just so he can use some music software he is using in class.  I’d like to root for you Microsoft really I do, but this is just too damn embarassing. Its bad enough out there already and this is the crap you come up with? Good luck with this one guys.

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