Important Information on Cryptolocker

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  What is Cryptolocker: CryptoLocker is a ransomware program that was released around the beginning of September 2013. This ransomware will encrypt certain files using a mixture of RSA & AES encryption. When it has finished encrypting your files, it will display a CryptoLocker payment program that prompts you to send a ransom of either $100 […]

Warning..Java 1.7 0 Day Exploit On The Loose

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Its that time yet again, lock your doors and close your windows as there is a known potential attack vector currently being exploited through yet another security hole in the Java 1.7 runtime environment. There is no patch or work around at this time so CERT is recommending that the Java engine be turned off […]

Small Business IT Considerations That Are Often Neglected

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In many small businesses these days, the use of computers, software and access to the Internet are a driving force that keeps one competitive in the marketplace and is vital to the bottom line. Over time these systems can grow and become complicated, and business owners who are not information technology experts can get lost […]

Get Ready, Microsoft Is Rolling The Dice For 2013

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Whether you like it or not, or if you are aware or not, in a unprecedented sea change Microsoft is gearing up for some huge rollouts in its computing software platforms and mobile devices starting this fall.  Every major product line is getting a huge update, almost all at the same time. This is unheard […]

Microsoft Details Next Version of Windows

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Not that its much of a surprise, but Microsoft announced today in a blog post the successor to Windows 7 will be called Windows 8.  Hooray for naming consistency! What is surprising is that they finally got some sense knocked into them and got rid of the many confusing iterations of Windows and have gotten […]

You have a backup right?

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That Sinking Feeling That’s the question I usually ask when confronted with a drive failure, or a malfunctioning system. More often than not, the answer is usually a no. Its a tough lesson to learn, and backup is such an easy thing to do these days. Just remember all hard drives will eventually fail. There […]

Beware Of The System Check Trojan

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Lately in the last couple of months I’ve seen this infection making the rounds, and it is a nasty one. The System Check virus/Trojan, part of the FakeHDD family of infections is a fake computer analysis and optimization program designed to look like your Windows system is failing and that you need to purchase their […]

Microsoft Releases Massive Batch of Security Updates For October

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Its the second Tuesday of the month, and that of course means in the Microsoft camp its patch Tuesday. And what a whopper this one is, in fact its the largest amount of patches ever released at one time.  The range of patches pretty much covers almost every major product line, from Windows, Server, SQL, […]

Unprecedented response to major DNS flaw

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Wow, this is simply unheard of.  Yesterday it was publicly revealed that a major design flaw in the DNS protocol was simultaneously patched by vendors across the entire spectrum of the computer and technology world. The fact that they were able to keep this a secret for six months while they worked to plug the […]