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Small Business IT Considerations That Are Often Neglected

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In many small businesses these days, the use of computers, software and access to the Internet are a driving force that keeps one competitive in the marketplace and is vital to the bottom line. Over time these systems can grow and become complicated, and business owners who are not information technology experts can get lost […]

Apple Flashback Trojan in the wild

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Time to get your head out of the sand. The old mantra that Macs don’t get infected isn’t true anymore (not that it ever was to begin with), theres a new Trojan on the loose taking advantage of unsuspecting Mac machines everywhere called the Flashback Trojan. According to The Verge, Apple has already released a […]

Whoops! Windows XP Update Causes BSOD, Here’s A Fix

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MS10-015, Microsoft, KB977165, Rootkit.Win32.TDSS, Windows XP BSOD

Important Patch For Internet Explorer, Update Immediately!

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If you have not heard the news this month, theres a little spat going on between Google and China over hacking and such. Turns out one of the techniques used to hack Google and other companies was through a security exploit in all versions of Internet Explorer, known as the Aurora exploit. Microsoft has since […]

Microsoft Releases Massive Batch of Security Updates For October

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Its the second Tuesday of the month, and that of course means in the Microsoft camp its patch Tuesday. And what a whopper this one is, in fact its the largest amount of patches ever released at one time.  The range of patches pretty much covers almost every major product line, from Windows, Server, SQL, […]

Unprecedented response to major DNS flaw

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Wow, this is simply unheard of.  Yesterday it was publicly revealed that a major design flaw in the DNS protocol was simultaneously patched by vendors across the entire spectrum of the computer and technology world. The fact that they were able to keep this a secret for six months while they worked to plug the […]

Microsoft Security Updates for March

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Its getting to be that time of the month again, and as usual there are a whole bunch of updates coming out for March. As posted on CERT, MS will have patches for a whole range of products including ones for Office which will patch some serious holes, ones that will plug a remote code […]